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Lesson 2: Woman's Right Under Arm Turn.
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Lesson 2: Woman's Right Under Arm Turn

Under Arm Turns can be broken down into two types: Outside Under Arm Turns and Inside Under Arm Turns. An Outside Under Arm Turn involves turning under the arm which is extended to the side, forming an "Arch" over the head of the turner. The main outside under arm turns proceed to the right for the women and to the left for men. An Inside Under Arm Turn, also known as a Loop Turn, involves turning under the arm which is drawn across the midline of the body, forming a "loop." Inside Under Arm Turns proceed to the left for women and to the right for men, though the latter is less common.

What is a Pivot?

A pivot step results in a 180 degree change of direction. In other words, you will end up facing exactly opposite the direction in which you started. A pivot is achieved by placing one's weight on a foot and turning the body to face the opposite direction without lifting the foot from the ground. A weight transfer will then occur immediately following the pivot. In other words, if the pivot begins with weight on the right foot, it will end with weight on the left foot. This motion is best accomplished on the balls of the feet. When the pivot begins on the left foot (LF), the body will turn right (R), transferring weight to the right foot (RF). When the pivot begins on the right foot (RF), the body will turn left (L), transferring weight to the left foot (LF).

Arm Tension Principles

Arm tension is especially important when executing turns. For simplicityís sake, maintain firm wrist, elbow and shoulder tension for sideward, forward and backward movement. Up and down arm motion should be free from resistance. In other words, keep your arms relaxed when they go up or down in order to easily lead into a turn. However, once the joined hands pass eyebrow level on a turn, the person performing the turn should begin to provide upward pressure and turn under his or her own bent wrist in order to prevent being clotheslined on their partnerís arm. Getting knocked in the head is not the goal!

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Count Rhythm

Man's Part


Woman's Part



LF Fd on Count "1" outside and to right of partner.

LF pivots 1/4 turn L on Count "2."

Open Swing Position

LH high allowing woman to push up with her hand forming an arch over her head.

RF Fd diagonal to right on Count "1."

RF pivots 1/2 turn R on Count "2."



RF Sd on Count "3"

Hold on Count "4"

. LF Sd on Count "3"

LF pivots 1/4 turn on Count "4"



LF Bd Resume facing partner. RF Bd




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