The following lessons are designed to give basic instructions for the beginner. These are organized in order, so we recommend starting at the top and working your way down. If you have the video and CD, note that the top of each page tells you what section corresponds with each video lesson.

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East Coast Swing Introduction

Lesson 1: Swing Basic

Lesson 1A:  Double Rhythm Basic

Lesson 2: Woman's Right Under Arm Turn

Lesson 3: Woman's Out and In Under Arm Turn

Lesson 4: Man's Under Arm Turn

Lesson 5: Triple Rhythm Basic

Lesson 6: Attitude

Lesson 7: Closed Basic

Lesson 8: Throwout

Lesson 9: Link

Lesson 10: Turning Link

Lesson 11:Two Handed Right Spin

Lesson 12: Two Handed Left Spin

Lesson 13: Behind the Back Change

Making Your Own Swing Routine

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