This section is for anyone who has already learned some of the basic steps and is ready to go out on to the floor. These tips should make your first ballroom dancing experience a little less frightening. If you are visiting this section for the first time, you may want to go to the online tutorial section first. Simply look over the tips below and click on the link that interests you.

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Ballroom Dance Tips
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Fox Trot Tutorial
East Coast Swing Tutorial
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Direction on the Dance Floor
Women Are Always Right...on the Dance Floor!
How to Keep from  Popping the Clutch
Fancy Footwork in Social Dance
Becoming a Survival Dancer
Ballroom Etiquette
Rise and Fall in the Waltz
Arm Tension Principles
Put Some Snap to your Spin
Getting out of Corners
Ricardo's Golden Rule of Swing... When In Doubt..Turn

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