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Learn to Ballroom Dance at home with the Ballroom for Beginners Video

Imagine attending a dance lesson where you could rewind your teacher and watch the demonstrations as many times as you wanted!

This informative sixty minute video instructed by Ricardo Salazar covers the basics of the Fox Trot, Waltz, and East Coast Swing. In addition to learning basic ballroom patterns, you will learn many of the survival tools which will build your confidence, add grace and style to your dancing, and above all introduce you into the exciting world of ballroom dancing!

Ricardo Salazar

Your instructor for the video is Ricardo Salazar of Salazar's Dance Studio in Sacramento California. Ricardo has been in thousands of performances and competitions around the world and in 1992 he was a finalist in the US Open Swing Championships. He has been teaching for over 19 years and is known nation wide for his innovative teaching methods.

Ricardo and Nancy

The video is broken down into individual lessons designed to teach you the fundamentals of each dance. Each lesson has detailed instruction and demonstration, and at the end of each lesson there is a practice session filmed from a "reverse view" so you can practice at home in front of your TV. With less than 5 minutes of practice a day you can be out on the town dancing the night away within a couple of weeks of receiving this video! Click Here for Ordering Instructions!

Video Contents

Lesson 1: The Three Rhythms of Social Dance
Lesson 2: Hints for Getting Started
The Waltz
Lesson 1: Basic Pattern
Lesson 2: Positioning
Lesson 3: Leading and Following
Lesson 4: Rise and Fall
Lesson 5: Left Box Turn
Lesson 6: Progressive Movement
Lesson 7: Under Arm Turns
Waltz Overview: Putting it all together
The Fox Trot
Lesson 1: Basic Pattern
Lesson 2: Left Turn
Lesson 3: Conversation Step
Lesson 4: Box Step
Fox Trot Overview: Putting it all together
The East Coast Swing
Lesson 1: Swing Basic
Lesson 2: Woman's Right Under Arm Turn
Lesson 3: Out and In Under Arm Turns
Lesson 4: Man's Under Arm Turn
Lesson 5: Triple Rhythm Basic
Lesson 6: Attitude
East Coast Swing Overview: Putting it all together

The Ballroom Dance Kit comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee!

The key to learning how to Ballroom Dance is right at your fingertips, so order now!

Click Here for Ordering Instructions!

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