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Practice Ballroom Dancing at home with the Ballroom for Beginners CD or cassette

The Ballroom For Beginners Compact Disc or Cassette features 10 songs specifically designed to accompany the dance steps taught in the video.

The ten tracks include 3 Waltzes, 3 Fox Trots, and 3 East Coast Swings arranged and composed by Johnny Harris of Phoenix Arizona. All nine songs are arranged at specific tempi ranging from slow to medium fast. The tenth track (titled U.U.U.U.) is an East Coast Swing written by Mike Roe and performed by The Seventy Sevens. For more information on The Seventy Sevens click here for a link to their website.

Together these songs work as the perfect practice material for the beginning dancer. Click Here for Ordering Instructions!

CD and Cassette Song Titles

  1. Waltz for Linda (Slow Waltz)
  2. Sad Little Music Box (Medium Waltz)
  3. Soft Summer Day (Medium Waltz)
  4. Sorry Mr. Bach (Slow Fox Trot)
  5. (They're Playing) Our Old Melody (Medium Fox Trot)
  6. One Friday Night (Fast Fox Trot)
  7. Swing Slow Sweet Harriet (Slow Swing)
  8. Patent Leather (Medium Swing)
  9. Can't Help Feelin' Good About That (Fast Swing)
  10. UUUU (Medium Swing)

The Ballroom Dance Kit comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee!

The key to practicing Ballroom Dancing is right at your fingertips, so order now!

Click Here for Ordering Instructions!

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