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Thom and Amy McKee For Thom and Amy McKee, it all began on the dance floor. Almost. Their eyes didn't exactly meet across a smoky, crowded room, but it was love at first sight.

They met during an outing for Campus Life, where Thom had to waylay a romantically inclined teenager who thought

Amy, a youth counselor like Thom, was pretty amazing. Thom admonished the youth with "but she's a staff member" and struck up a conversation with her himself. They hit it off, and within two weeks they were engaged.

There was only one problem: Amy loved to dance-- did he know how? Before Thom knew what he was doing out came "of course I do," setting off a frenzy to learn the Fox Trot and Waltz in the week before their first date. Another roadblock developed when Thom realized there were very few good books or videos he could tap into, and no extra cash in his pocket to spring on a quick series of private lessons.

As soon as Thom stumbled his way onto the dance floor, Amy knew that his skill level was more Fred Flintstone than Fred Astaire. She had stars in her eyes, though, and one formal wedding and a little over a year of wedded bliss later they have turned a passion both have for ballroom dancing into a business. Stung by his own experience trying to find an effective learning tool, this young Sacramento-based entrepreneurial couple have teamed up with Ricardo Salazar of Salazar's Dance Studio in Sacramento, California to produce the "Ballroom Dance Kit." Comprised of a 60-minute video, a 10-track practice CD and a 150 page online tutorial, people of all ages timid about taking to the dance floor can learn some basic steps, plus tips on ballroom etiquette.

The Ballroom Dance Group, headed by Thom and Amy, has been in business since 1996.

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